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Pech Optical
Pech Optical realizes the importance of education and communication. Our lab is one of the very few to host an Education Department. We have educators that work internally, to keep employees informed on the latest technology and products, as well as externally, to provide in-office trainings and regional seminars to eyecare professionals. Our newest educational endeavor is providing online seminars - webinars. This allows us to reach a higher number of offices in a more timely fashion with product information, as well as staff training and practice management.
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Pech Optical’s Marketing Team is committed to helping your practice succeed in selling optical products and services. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to educate your patients on what our industry has to offer. All of our Marketing Programs have been specially designed to aid in the growth of your practice. By offering a variety of programs, we are able to target a majority fo your patients.
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Online Ordering
Pech Optical connects to an internet communication system that allows Eye Care Professionals to send orders via the WEB from your office to our lab. It is easy to use and ensures accurate information is sent with each job.
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PECH Supply Orders
Need Rx forms, mailing labels, lens/frame information....? Now you can order these items online without having to contact customer service.
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Quality Assurance
Pech Optical also has a separate department devoted exclusively to quality assurance. The Quality Assurance Department has the responsibility of establishing quality standards, training and certifying inspectors, auditing procedures, spot auditing jobs before shipping, reviewing returned jobs and issuing credits.
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