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Pech Optical

Pech Optical has a separate department devoted exclusively to quality assurance. The Quality Assurance Department has the responsibility of establishing quality standards, training and certifying inspectors, auditing procedures, spot auditing jobs before shipping, reviewing returned jobs and issuing credits.

Refractive Power:

Cylinder Power:

Refractive Power:

Cylinder Power:

Cylinder Axis:

Horizontal Prism/PD:

Vertical Prism:

Prism Reference Point -
Progressive Lenses:

Within 1mm of specified position
Prism at reference point

For Multifocal & Progressive:

  • Segment/Fitting Cross height within ±1.0mm of height ordered and within ±0.5mm for the other eye.
  • Multifocal segment horizontal location within ±2.5mm of near PD specified.
  • Fitting cross (progressive) horizontal location within ±1.0mm of monocular PD specified.
  • Thickness within ±0.2mm of thickness specified (within FDA standards).
  • Base curve within ±0.75D of curve specified.
  • Lens only circumference ±0.2mm or less.
  • UV treatment <5% @ 400nm transmission.

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