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Pech Optical

Pech Optical is a full-service, wholesale laboratory that specializes in the production of uncut and cut & edged Rx and Plano lenses for frames and quality sunwear lines.  In addition, we offer a variety of programs that not only assist in meeting the needs of multiple optical markets but also teach “better business” values. 

Why Choose Pech?
Because we know where you're coming from! We have been serving practices for over 30 years which is reflected in our expertise and long standing reputation. We understand how crucial our performance is to ensure your success and we are backed with the people, technology, and on-going education to help make it happen. Our deep Midwest roots and strong Midwest values offer a "No-Nonsense" approach in product, service, and quality.

We strive to offer practices

  • Solid, quality work that allows you to satisfy your patients
  • Customer-oriented service
  • Nimble, customizable business relationship
  • Convenient, one-stop ordering
  • Peace of mind

Start ordering today!

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