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Kaenon SR-91® lens material is made of neither glass nor polycarbonate, CR-39 or Trivex, but a radically new polarized lens material. SR-91 lens technology has been specifically designed to combine the highest optical quality of the finest glass lenses with the ultra-light weight and impact-resistance of the best polycarbonate lenses. The SR-91 lenses are available in Single Vision and Freestyle Progressive and are ideal for both sport/performance and fashion frame mounts – full-frame to rimless.

Kaenon Polarized offers three tint selections to enhance vision for any situation.  Available tints include:

A neutral tint that doesn't alter color perception

Enhances color contrast, depth perception and
detail recognition

Superior color contrast enhancement and
detail definition

Lens Tints for Bright Light Conditions:

Grey 12 and
Copper 12

  • The darkest, most popular lens tints

  • Performs best in bright, full sun conditions

  • Most popular color for everyday use

  • Blocks 88% of visible light

  • Transmits 12% of visible light


Lens Tints for Specialty Use in Less than Full Sun:

Grey 28 and
Copper 28

  • Performs best in cloudy, lower light conditions 

  • Blocks 72% visible light

  • Transmits 28% of visible light

  • Half as dark as Grey 12 and Copper 12


Lens Tints for Specialty Use in Low Light Conditions:
Yellow 35
  • Significantly enhances contrast
  • Optimum in hazy, changing and lower light conditions
  • Blocks 65% of visible light
  • Transmits 35% of visible light
Copper 50
  • Allows maximum light transmission for greater detail recognition
  • Performs best in low light and hazy conditions
  • Blocks 50% of visible light
  • Transmits 50% of visible light


COLTS Laboratories, an independent testing facility, has certified Kaenon Polarized SR-91 lenses with an optical acuity and clarity of 40 lines of resolution - the highest possible score in the Definition and Resolving power category of the stringent U.S. government testing standard, ANSI Z.87.1. COLTS also found SR-91 exceeded the high-mass impact standards mandated by ANSI Z.87.1. SR-91 is the first non-polycarbonate lens to pass Z.87.1 and the first to pass and achieve the maximum score of 40 lines of resolution in the Definition/Optical Clarity category. 


Refractive Index 1.56
Abbe Value


Specific Gravity


Safety Lens

ANSI Z.87.1

Semi Finish BC

1, 2, 4.25, 6.25, 8.25


Kaenon Polarized SR-91 lenses are popular amongst some of sports top icons.  Kaenon Polarized Driver - Danica Patrick - became the first woman to win a major auto race in April 2008.  She prefers Kaenon Polarized eyewear "for its high fashion design and superior optics and comfort that mesh naturally with her style on and off the track."  Other wearers include: Davis Love III (PGA Golfer), Julia Mancuso (US Olympic Gold Medalist-Alpine Skiing), and Joe Maddon (Tampa Devil Rays Manager). 

 Visit www.kaenon.com for more information. 


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